Saturday, 22 September 2012

Some Malaysia Fruit Plants Pic In Malaysia

Here are some list of  plants pic in malaysia, some are know well, some are unknown... so enjoy yea~^^ 
& some are suitable to be plant in malaysia .

Lepisanthes Alata
- Pokok Johor
- Perupuk
- Miracle Berry

Baccaurea Angulata 
- Belimbing Merah 
- Jungle Starfruit

Cynometra cauliflora
- Pokok Hima, Namu, Namu , Kopi Anjing
- Nam Nam

Muntingia calabura
- Jamaican Cerry
- Kerukup Siam

Morinda Spp
- Pokok Mengkudu

Passiflora Edulis
- Pokok Markisa 

Dragon Fruit
- Buah Naga

Ok, this is some of the picture,, next time I try to find more about it.. if you guys have any suggestion about plants that you know , do visit my pages & post me the pic or inbox me at  

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